Milan Atomiser - USB - Colour Change

Milan Atomiser - USB - Colour Change

Aroma Diffuserare timeless and elegant, they provide a flameless, smoke-free way to fragrance your room or office.

Just add some water and essential oil for an instant aroma experience. The Aroma Diffuser uses an ultrasonic motor to pump out the water so it’s very quiet during use, featuring a colour changing mood light and can be used as a simple humidifier.

Aroma Diffusers are very easy to operate and maintain, only occasionally having to be filled with a small amount of water and a few drops of scented oil.


- Tank Capacity 120ml

- LED light - 7pcs

- Powered bu USB ( length of the cord 100cm)

- Auto power off when water runs out

Height: 19cm, Diameter: 9cm, weight 167