Deluxe Handmade Leather Twins Record Book

Deluxe ivory leather twins record book to hold onto those precious moments forever. 


Here is a selection of what is on the two sets of colourful pages...

• Birth details
• Handprints
• How we felt when we knew you were both on the way
• Your ultrasound picture
• The day we first saw you both on the ultrasound machine
• Baby name ideas
• The day you both came home
• Baby firsts
• A few of your favourite things
• Weight and height chart
• A little letter to you both
• What we hope for your future
• Your lovely pictures.

A personalised scalloped stainless steel engraved tag can be added to the journal. We can engrave name, size, time and dates, up to 50 characters in total. The tag is tied onto the journal with a soft, white satin ribbon.

Handmade in the UK



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